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If you are looking for ecommerce website builders so you can sell your clothes online , then have a look at Shopify. I love the clean sophisticatd lines of Squarspace. Getting them through the door is essential. The name of a business has to hook potential customers. This being said, I still am torn as which website builder is best for my needs: I have an on-line candy business called Sugar Crack! I also want to have a blog attached as well as a donor page that is similar to crowd funding. I offer my candy with merchandise with my business logo on it. The merchandise depends on the amount of the donation.

A key difference is that Shopify has much more advanced online store tools than Squarespace. So if you want to access more advanced tools, Shopify is probably a better candidate. So Squarespace might be sufficient. Shopify is a bit less flexible in this regard, as their templates are set up in certain set layouts and you might have to edit some codes to configure layouts. I think the best thing to do is sign up for free trial accounts with both Squarespace and Shopify, so you can get some first hand experiences with using each platform. I hope you can help me out here.

I really love how polished SS templates look! My main issue is that I live in Cairo, so Stripe for payments is out of question. After a bit of digging, I discovered the Shopify Buy Button. I can use that to add the commerce functionality to my SS website. My question is about Shopify-Squarespace integration. I want the products page to display my products in a grid layout.

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Especially with getting a grid layout of 2 and 3 images in a row, as well as having 2 or more rows on a single page. What you can consider doing, is signing up for a free trial with Squarespace and with Shopify, and try to integrate both of them. Hi Jeremy, Great article. I have a question. Can Squarespace do all this? Most website builders, including Squarespace, will allow you to insert blogs, videos, landing pages, sell products and include tools for SEO.

Squarespace is one of the rare website builders that include podcasting tools for you. If you want a built-in newsletter tool, then take a look at Wix their email tools is called Shoutout. Is a personal squarespace web plan good enough for that? How should I go about integrating the calendar and payment acceptance?

I took a closer look at Squarespace as a result and learned that they do not except at this time, transfer of other domains. I have six domains with another web host. I can point the domains to my squarespace website but that is all. It means I have to keep paying the current webhsost as well as squarespace.

The advantage with keeping a domain name with Squarespace is that they make it easier to connect the domain name with the website. We have more discussion about this in our domain names article here. It could be cheaper there. What an incredibly thorough and helpful review for someone like me who needs to build-their-own website again and was feeling rather lost before this.

Very detailed and helpful review. Had a WordPress site for quite some time but the constant babysitting is really taking up too much time.

My Account

Wanted to start over with a new template but that would require me to build the new site from scratch. Check out this page here , where Squaerspace lists out some specialists that you can consider hiring. We need to create a web site for a small student inner city school. Did you get an inexpensive template for that purpose? Is it also possible to have this website in multiple languages? It takes me every time hours to search on Google and Youtube for solutions and support is not always helpful.

So I am thinking at Squarespace and hope it will be easier than WordPress and that I can make this website also in different languages. Take a look at this article here where we discuss how to create multiple language websites. Can you touch on that, also? Yes you can integrate Aweber and Wufoo with Squarespace.

Thank you so much for all of the info! You have really helped me a lot! However, I do need some advice. I have narrowed it down to Wix or Squarespace. I am actually leaning toward Squarespace because I love the templates and some of the flexibility it has over Wix, but I am wondering about apps. My question is how necessary are apps and plugins?

One of the things I like about Wix is that they are constantly introducing new and advanced features including more apps in their App Market. Having said that, Wix does offer you a lot more tools via their App Market, than what Squarespace offers you. OMG, thanks so much for all of the info that you are sharing here. Once again, thank you! So it includes all the features from the lower plans, including the ability to create Cover Pages.

I am a first time website builder, and am seeking a single page website. However, it is critical to my design that that single page include a fillable, submittable form check boxes, drop down menus, text, and ability to attach files that would submit to my email. Can such a fillable form be added to a Squares pace Cover Page?

Can you suggest the best web-builder s to create strong and easy to create fillable forms? You can also check out Wix. I used squarespace in the past. And I have now come back to it. Other options like wordpress can be more powerful, but they suck all the the time out of you — not on content. I want a simple one pager. So, I will see what I can do. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. It resonates with the discussion we have comparing Squarespace with WordPress here. In regards to cover pages, you can definitely use it with your existing Squarespace website. Take a look at this tutorial here.

I recently decided to move from WordPress to Squarespace. I had been using self-hosted WordPress for over 2 years, but was just finding I was spending most of my time solving site, technical, and performance issues, instead of building content, which was always my goal. You can learn about my thought process as to why I made the switch in a recent post I made to my site:. Thanks for sharing your experiences in regards to WordPress and Squarespace.

Cost is not only defined as money, but also time and energy.

Minding Your Business A Guide To Money And Taxes For Creative Professionals Music Pro Guides

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, and I think a lot of readers will find your comment helpful and constructive! I hear using plugins through WordPress is ideal and choosing BlueHost since they are highly compatible. Could a newbie figure things out in a decent amount of time? Bluehost do work well with WordPress sites. We have a quick discussion post here that you might find helpful. There are some excellent membership or online course plugins available for WordPress.

But as mentioned, you will need to be a bit technical to piece everything together, and also to configure your website properly. You can always hire professionals to help, of course. There is a membership widget called Sentry Login that creates a paid membership function for Squarespace or Wix or Weebly. But the benefit here is that you can quickly launch a working website all by yourself no coding required. I was also wondering, if I was hoping to start off my website on a free domain, how difficult would it be to move it onto squarespace if possible?

None of the website builders including Squarespace will give you a free domain name. The best they can do is offer you a free subdomain name such as jael. So you will have to purchase a custom domain name yourself. If you purchase a domain name from a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy , you can connect it to your Squarespace website. We have a guide to domain names here which should hopefully clear up some of your questions! HI Jeremy, just found out about Squarespace. Squarespace will work for you, as long as you sign up to use Stripe as your transaction services provider to power your shopping cart.

The reason being that Squarespace only integrates with Stripe. The transaction fees are quite reasonable and a lot of big and small companies use Stripe. Hi Jeremy, Thank you for the in-depth review of Squarespace. I have a domain name that is currently at Google. Is it possible to use that with Squarespace? You can also check out our Beginners Guide to Domain Names where we cover some key issues to consider when it comes to domain names.

However, I wonder if you can me a little further. I did a lot of research and Squarespace seemed to be the one everyone loved. Also, I need to have a sticky header but finding it impossible to add CSS code that works! You just have to become good with working with their system, if you want to really customize your website via codes. Squarespace does open up its code base to users, but one will have to be pretty proficient with codes to use it effectively.

They offer a 14 day trial with an option to extend for another week I think.

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  • I completely understand that it takes time for a designer to complete a site with the client signing off, but I think that will most likely take much longer than the 14 day trial, and even with an extension of the trial period. If having an unlimited free account is crucial to you, take a look at either Wix or Weebly. Both allow you to use their web builder for free, without any time limitations as to when or if you must subscribe to their premium plans.

    So if modifying codes is important to you, definitely check them out. If you feel that the Personal plan is sufficient for you, then go with that one! You can always upgrade later on if you have the need to. That is still a bit cheaper than the Business Plan. Very useful and thorough review. I am a composer and a disabled lung transplant patient looking to create a web site to make my music available for donations to a charity to help with my medical expenses.

    Would SquareSpace allow me to link my website to a charity website that collects the money for items in this case, music manuscripts sold on my webpage? Thanks for your question. So you should be able to link your Squarespace site to your charity page. I am currently looking at building a website for my cake decorating business. Based on reviews, squarespace seemed like the right choice for me based on no previous website building experience and their drag and drop options.

    Have you any thoughts on this? In general, my own view is that the impact of platform on SEO is insignificant. There are over ranking factors that Google evaluates when determining where they should place your webpages in search results. I wished it was that easy! Of course, to get other authoritative websites to link to your site, your website content and who you represent has to be top notch. To do that, you will have to put in the work to build a brand and become the expert in your field. Squarespace works around the world, no matter where you are located unless the country has some level of content restriction, such as in China — as an example.

    But even if a specific country has some level of censorship, your website visitors from other countries will still be able to see your website. One thing to consider is whether you are using the ecommerce features. So if you are planning on running an online shop out of those countries, this can be an issue for you. But if you keep your bank account in the UK, you can continue to use Stripe. If yes, what functions exactely am I not going to be able to use that work with stripe?

    Sorry, one more question; so if I keep my uk bank account open, I can still us sqarespace with all of its e-commerce tools woorking with stripe? But If I prefer paypal than stripe? Not a lot of people have stripe account or are familiar with it. As long as you keep your Stripe account open in one of the countries that is accepted by Stripe, you can keep it integrated with your Squarespace website.

    In any case, your shoppers will not know that you are using Stripe to process payments. All they will see is a check out form where they can insert their credit card and related information. Ecwid is an ecommerce add-on widget. If done well it might work. Just wanted to leave some objective comments. I have been a WordPress user for years for my own website.

    I love the platform, but the security risks with it are extensive with it being the most popular web platform out there. I got tired of trying to keep everything up to date on my site instead of being able to create artwork and content for it. I signed up for a free trial of Squarespace and was impressed enough that I signed up after 2 weeks. You cannot remove the reference to it. In some cases Typekit fonts can be over k to download. That is quite annoying and I emailed support about it. The responded fairly quickly, but said that they were unable to remove that reference to the Typekit font from my site.

    I am going to assume that this is because of some kind of deal struck between them and Adobe. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us. Sorry to hear about the Typekit issue. I think the reason for your migration from WordPress to Squarespace or any other drag and drop website builder is quite an important one. Further, one has to be proficient with codes in order to use WordPress effectively to make design changes, etc. In your case, it sounds like you had to commit time to manage the technical aspects of operating a website, instead of focusing all your time on content creation.

    So moving over to Squarespace probably freed up quite a bit of your time. This is one of the central themes we discuss in this article we have concerning Squarespace and WordPress. Hi Jeremy, I have had a look at some of the Squarespace templates and whilst they are very professional and arty looking I cannot see how any of them can suit my business as a heating and gas engineer.

    They seem very much focused on the more ehereal rather than someone offering a basic but important service business like I have. Would you agree with this and have you any suggestions? That particular design worked really well for them. They can even help you build it. Take a look at their services here. Also have a look at Weebly as well. Question, we have a website with about , monthly visitors. Will Squarespace have any problems handling that kind of traffic? But if you want to be sure, reach out to their support team to see if they have any specific concerns.

    Hi Jeremy, Thank you for sharing the review. I want to check if one can add rich snippet for a local business or person. And more importantly, does Squarespace work well for a local consulting business? You might be able to insert rich snippet codes using the Code Block from Squarespace. Drag in the block and paste in the codes that you get from Google. So if you are considering giving Squarespace a test, just sign up to a free trial account, set up a page, insert some dummy content, and test out the Block Code approach I just mentioned.

    Run it through the Google test tool and see what shows up! Thanks so much for the great reviews. I am wondering if with Squarespace there is an option to upload audio for site users to listen to, like audio versions of sermons, etc.? Squarespace has an audio block , or a podcasting function so you can definitely create a feature where your site visitors can listen to audio files. For someone like me who is a novice, building websites without support will leave every job half finished!!!

    But if you email them with your questions, in my experience, they respond very quickly. Of course, being able to speak with someone in real time is pretty awesome, but I personally tend to batch questions together in an organized email, and send it off. While I wait for responses, I use that time to work on other things. Take a look at Wix or Weebly — both offer phone, chat and email support. I have two concerns which make wonder if I should go with Wix as opposed to squarespace.

    First, I am going to want a password protected area, and second, I want something that will display nicely across mobile devices. Ease of use if very important to me as this will be my first time doing this. What are your thoughts? Squarespace can definitely get the job done for you. Their templates are all mobile responsive and will display very professionally across all mobile devices. They also offer you the ability to password protect specific pages. At the end of the day, you should sign up for a free 14 day trial account to see if you actually enjoy working with the platform. Hi Jeremy, Really great post and very helpful information.

    I recently published my site via wix and am terribly disappointed with the quality of most of the images and the load time for image galleries. It was only after publishing the website that the images suddenly looked awful and galleries became pixelated when loading. I have followed various tutorials and tried all the options but not much has helped.

    I am considering starting again with SquareSpace, but am scared the same thing might happen. Can you please advise if this is something that might occur using SquareSpace? If anything, Squarespace is geared towards very high quality images and display, so you might have some success here. The best thing to do is to sign up for a free trial account, upload some of your images, and publish your site.

    It will only take a few minutes for you to find out if this website builder can suit your needs or not. You can probably add external widgets into your Squarespace website via the code injection function. But you do run the risk that Squarespace and the widget you end up using conflict with each other. One alternative is to consider using Wix , as they have a fairly large App Market where you can bolt on user reviews and live chat functions.

    These apps are configured to work well with Wix websites, so your risk of the website and widgets conflicting with one another is much lower this way. Hi Jeremy, great article, I am starting a clothing business online and I was wondering if you could help me with one question. Would users of the website be able to create profiles inside my website where they can share their designs and stuff, like an instagram page for example, or would that have to be done by a professional developer?

    Thank you very much, and again, great article. Generally speaking, drag and drop website builders such as Squarespace are great for more straight forward types of website. I have used squarespace for building my blog at it has worked a treat. I see there is a site for doing add-ons and plugins to have a video background. I wonder whether you had used http: Thanks and great site!!

    Hi Jeremy, I am a tv director who wants a personal site that I can show clips from my shows.. Are there templates that would help me in that category of multiple video clips? Say 10 to 15? I was interested in using squarespace. The only thing I need to know is, will it let me upload an audio file? Hi Jeremy, you wrote this: Why the part of spent a lot of money? I was looking and comparing with WIX and others and the starter price are almost the same. About the business, I have a Ranch and offer trips in horses, food and other attractions, I love the templates but it could be good for me?

    You can have more than one language if you choose the right template. Take a look at our discussion about multi-language websites here. For your last question, you get to create 20 different pages. You can also have galleries and blog posts with your website. Your post is genuinely excellent — even for a non-tech guy. Any comment on that. What may potentially make a small difference, is your domain name. So if you are focused on NZ visitors, then having a domain name that ends with.

    Here is an updated list of ranking factors that Google assesses when determining how your website should be ranked in search results. But at the end of the day, SEO ranking is a very complex algorithm and so only Google really knows how it works! Squarespace has over fonts for you to choose from, and includes a lot of Google Fonts.

    So you might be able to find that specific font with Squarespace just sign up for a free trial account with Squarespace and you can see if you can locate it. But if you house your video page under the same website, there might be some added benefits here as the content is located under your domain name. I have a Mailchimp account now, but can change it. If they do, which sites works best for this option?

    Take a look at SumoMe. Their list builder tool integrates with Mailchimp. Here are their tutorials on how to integrate their tool with Squarespace. Since I currently use another hosting company, will I be able to transfer my domain to Squarespace easily since they provide hosting?

    You can only transfer domain names from Squarespace out to another domain name registrar. But you can definitely connect your domain name from your current domain name registrar to your Squarespace website. Here are the tutorials on how to do that. Can you clarify hosting and domain names for me?

    I already have a domain name and hosting with easyspace. I want to change the website as it is old and out of date. I want to use Squarespace to build my new site. If I sign up with them, do I then pay them for my domain name and hosting or do I pay easyspace. But you do need a domain name.

    You most likely keep your domain name at easyspace and just connect it to your Squarespace website. So perhaps you can ask them to help you connect your domain name. Great review of Squarespace. I appreciate you adding a video tutorial within your review. Glad you found our review helpful Jennifer. But you never really know if you like Squarespace until you spend some time working with it. So sign up for a free trial account and give it a free test run!

    Thanks for your helpful reviews. I was debating whether to go with Wix or Square Space to build my graphic design portfolio and feel more confident toward Square Space from what i read in your review, especially with unlimited storage and responsiveness cross-platform. Hi JW, Great article!! Will Squarespace also provide domain emails, and integrate SSL certificate as well?

    Also, do you know if it is possible to embed a form in their templates that the users can use to provide data? I have a business that is almost entirely visual and need a website that can support image heavy content that is readily searchable.

    Books in the Music Pro Guides series

    Can you tell me if all images can be indexed, tagged, titled, and given alt-texts, even those in galleries or blocks? Thanks for your guidance. With Squarespace, you can add alt-text to images, including those in galleries. As such, search engines will be able to read them and understand what the image relate to. I spent quite some time checking website builders like photo shelter, photodeck, format etc. They are great sites but each has its drawbacks. Therefore I considered using wordpress and hiring a designer. After your review of wordpress I will definitely not get into that, but try squarespace.

    However how can I integrate a third party agency or gallery print service into the SquareSpace website? The visitors should be able to click an image and be directed to buy the corresponding image at the third party service. And is it possible to make text invisible that is attached to an image? Recently I have read a lot about complaints regarding bad service of SquareSpace. I contacted their service twice via mail and they responded lighting fast — a very positive experience.

    I also heard a few complaints here and there recently, but mainly because the users were waiting for the live chat for over 10 minutes or so. Live support can take a bit of time during certain time of the day peak hours , so I usually suggest to them to email for support, which gets handled pretty quickly. Regarding integrating Squarespace with a third party service, take a look at the Inject Code function that Squarespace offers, where you can integrate a third party widget.

    Simplistically, alt text is how search engines understand what the image is about. So make sure you describe what the picture is about when you insert the alt text for each image. Also, one other helpful way is to name your image files with descriptive words, which also helps with SEO. Hope that makes sense!

    Account Options

    Jeremy, you are awesome. That helps a lot. I am glad I found your website. Your reviews and high quality answers to the questions here helped much more than a lot of research I did on others sites in the internet. Glad I can be helpful! Do click on the social sharing buttons on the left side of our pages to spread the word! We are currently preparing our own donation-based crowdfunding campaign in order to move forward.

    IgnitionDeck and others allow this on WordPress websites. What we are hoping to achieve is to split our home page between company info and the donation crowdfunding campaign. Any idea how we can achieve this? If you do manage ton find a crowdfunding widget, you can test inserting it into a Squarespace website by using the Code Injection function to integrate an external widget.

    But a possibility nevertheless. Thank you for your comments, I will look into all your suggestions. I have gone through the fourteen-day trial and lynda. Squarespace was a godsend. My site has been live for only 3 months, thanks to some on and off site SEO work my website continues to move upward through the search engine rankings, with a constant stream of leads coming in.

    Squarespace allows you to quickly and easily edit your site, no code or time consuming BS. Squarespace has my vote. Thanks for sharing your experiences with Squarespace with us! Am I allowed to keep the structure of the posts and the internal links, as well as the URLs of the blog pages? They make it pretty easy to import content from WordPress.

    Squarespace Review Video

    This article from Squarespace is helpful. Our community group wants to set up a website which would have members preparing audio, video digital image, written literature programs on it. Would a squarespace product meet our need? Thanks for such a great and informative blog Jeremy. I live in NZ and have a home fragrance business. I want to build a website that has an online store for only 10 to 15 products, with plenty of great photos but not too heavy on written content.

    Weebly is cheaper than Shopify for sure, but Shopify offers you a lot more ecommerce focused, and more advanced tools. So I think you can consider whether you are aiming to, and realistically going to sell a lot high volume of products or not. The reason is that with a higher volume business, Shopify has a lot of tools and features to help you manage your back end administrative tasks better, and also really good tools to help you market your business. Shopify also has a very large community of experts for hire, so if one day you want to make a lot of custom changes, custom apps, etc, there is a good pool of talent to hire.

    So Shopify is definitely a much bigger financial commitment, but is a solid platform for you to scale up your business. With Weebly , they do a great job in helping a smaller sized business sell products online. But if your business starts to experience fast growth, Shopify is a much more scalable platform to be on. I use Squarespace already for a couple of sites. I wonder if there is any way of finding out if there is a timeframe in mind for getting things working for NZ for e-commerce? Rather, it is with the payment processor that they integrate with, called Stripe.

    You can see where Stripe is available here , and maybe you can reach out to them directly and see if they have plans to expand to NZ? Thanks for the article you wrote it has great information J. Using their premium or e-Commerce plan, does each domain name have to bought under the account? I have more than one business idea that eventually will be built by me or a professional builder. You can definitely create multiple websites under a single account with either Squarespace or Wix. However, if you want to upgrade your websites to premium plans, you will have to upgrade each website at a time.

    For instance, with Squarespace, if you want to their Personal plan, and you have 5 different websites in your Squarespace account, you will have to upgrade each website one at a time. As for domain names, each website can only use one single unique domain name. Thanks for the feedback Jeremy. Yes, That was useful and you gave a good pointer for that question I had.

    The playing field is about to be leveled. Prepare to feel in control of your financial future! The Best Books of Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Looking for beautiful books? Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Other books in this series. The Reel World Jeff Rona. Unlocking Creativity Michael Beinhorn. Modern Guitar Rigs Scott Kahn. Sylvia Massy, engineer, mixer, and producer of such all-time great artists as Tool, P Kamenski, a practicing CPA, unleashes years of tax experience on the creative community.

    He offers explanations in language that is easy for the most number-illiterate to understand. His Chicago-based practice serves clients nationwide and offers artists and creative professional An exploration of how we share experiences in a connected digital age, and the collision of new technology and outdated business models.

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