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Throughout the campaign they may learn who they truly are, and how thick their blood runs through the veins of the occult underground. The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition , containing 30 chapters spanning different geographical regions, encountering vampires of every clan, profiling obscure and profound segments of the mythology, and providing countless story hooks on every page.

Though Storytellers will benefit from the material in this supplement, any fan of V20 can enjoy it. For a humorous take, check out Paths of Storytelling! This adventure offers a wealth of lore and possibilities and, as the adventures progressed, we offer more options for gut-punching scenes and opportunities for exploration. As the conclusion to the trilogy, I definitely encourage you to pick up Gauntlet of Spiragos Free! I do love a good Urban Fantasy me and this one, set in Brisbane, is totally rocking.

Excellent setting, brilliant world building and a main character I adored. Verity Fassbinder is sharp, witty and different — half human half Weyrd she hovers between two worlds sorting out problems, keeping people and everything else in line. She lives in the shadow of her good old Dad, doesnt suffer fools gladly and is impulsive enough to often get into trouble. The layers built into t I do love a good Urban Fantasy me and this one, set in Brisbane, is totally rocking.

The layers built into this imaginary world are rich and enticing — I especially enjoyed the politics of the Weyrd world, kind of like our own but with added spells and stuff. Descriptively speaking Vigil is a joy to read, Angela Slatter brings Brisbane to life in a beautifully fascinating way.

The story itself is highly addictive with lots of action and magical mayhem, enough reality to keep you grounded, an often emotional tug on the heartstrings and plenty going on — a near perfect set up to what I hope will be a long running series. The supporting cast of characters are all totally banging loved The Boatman more of him please — Vigil will cast its own spell on you as you read and you will be utterly captivated. This is what I like. Those days where the world we live in gets just a little too much, books like Vigil are exactly what you need to escape the rain.

Although watch out for them there Angels. May 19, Alexandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Vigil is that story grown-up and turned into a novel, with at least two I believe more stories about Verity Fassbinder scheduled. This novel was sent to me by the publisher, as an uncorrected bound proof.

Also, I had the enormous privilege of reading it in draft form, which I just can't tell you how awesome that was.

Adventures into the Unknown (ACG) #16 1951 FR/GD 1.5

I have re-read it now partly because I have a bad memory and I knew the details had escaped me but that I loved it; partly because it's Angela Slatter and she always withstands re-reading; and partly because it was sent as a review copy, so of course I had to. It was mostly the first two, though.

Verity Fassbinder "has her feet in two worlds" - that of the Normal, where there is definitely no magic and the only things that go bump in the night are trees in the wind and possums in the bins, and that of the Weyrd. With the Weyrd, things going bump in the night may well be very old, very cranky, and very powerful.

Her father was Weyrd; he could change shape and he was a criminal, against both Normal laws and Weyrd customs. Verity is a wonderfully attractive heroine. She inherited strength from her father but violence is not always her first recourse in a dangerous situation; she's got a pretty short temper and little patience with bureaucracy and authority; she's a fierce friend and protector of her neighbours, single mum Mel and daughter Lizzie; she lives in a clapped-out old house in Brisbane's suburbs.

She has little interest in fashion, she's stubborn and determined, she's willing to compromise and admit when she's wrong. Basically she's human, with flaws and problems and the sorts of characteristics I would absolutely love in a friend. Slatter's plot is not at all straightforward. She starts with the scenario from "Brisneyland" - children going missing - and builds layer upon layer of Weyrd problems that may or may not be connected. The death of a siren hence the cover image , the disappearance of a young man, possibly random other deaths - all of which Fassbinder must solve, with varying levels of help and hindrance from a range of friends, acquaintances, enemies and bystanders.

It's a detective story with paranormal elements, and while that's not a unique proposition it's the setting and the side characters and of course Verity herself that make this wonderful. Brisbane is by no means a fast-paced city. Slatter has jokes about the places that do or do not get flooded; there's jokes and having to eat out before 8. Moving this to an American city would make it very different, and lose a lot of its charm; I hope that translates to non-Australian readers.

Verity is aided by Ziggi, driving an entirely disreputable taxi and watching her with his third eye; she's employed, kind of, by a Weyrd ex-boyfriend, Bela, who has some hidden depths and unexpected shallows. She's helped and hindered in sometimes equal proportions by the Norn sisters - home of an addictive caramel marshmallow log that I wonder whether Slatter has actually made - and has all-too-frequent dealings with Normal Detective Inspector McIntyre, who may very well be my favourite of all the side characters sorry Ziggi for her 'whisky-and-cigarettes voice' and her even lower interest in putting on a good appearance than Verity.

I really hope she continues to turn up throughout the series. I would swap her for Bela any day. Vigil is fast-paced, quirky, full of twists, and thoroughly grounded in Brisbane even if it is a somewhat imaginary Brisbane and the reality of immigrant Australia. I love it and I want more Verity. I love a dark gritty fantasy and Vigil delivered this with a witty, cynical heroine, Verity Fassbinder at its helm.

With a displaced childhood where her father betrayed her and his community, she's extremely protective of kids going missing, which is where the plot of the book is centred. As she navigates the supernatural underworld of Brisbane, she encounters a ra I love a dark gritty fantasy and Vigil delivered this with a witty, cynical heroine, Verity Fassbinder at its helm. As she navigates the supernatural underworld of Brisbane, she encounters a range of magical creatures, from golems, to witches, angels and sirens.

I loved seeing my city transformed into this gritty underworld and it was interesting seeing landmarks that I know dearly, which enraptured me to the story further. There's a lot packed in here with a mystery surrounding a missing child leading Verity all over the supernatural city, and some of the politics of the Weyrd committee kind of went over my head at times.

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Overall, I ended up enjoying this darker urban fantasy reminiscent of some of my favourite shows combined Angel, Jessica Jones and Veronica Mars. Check out Happy Indulgence Books for more reviews! Jun 18, Bec rated it really liked it. I didn't realise how much I would enjoy this book, otherwise I would've picked up this proof a lot sooner! It was a tantalising mixture of crime combined with the supernatural and I loved it! Verity is sarcastic and driven, and often I'd find myself laughing aloud at her observations or comments.

Plus, the supporting characters Bela, David, Ziggi, Mel and Lizzie and a whole host of others were incredible; all had their own quirks and personalities, I could visualise them alongside Ve 4. Plus, the supporting characters Bela, David, Ziggi, Mel and Lizzie and a whole host of others were incredible; all had their own quirks and personalities, I could visualise them alongside Verity without a problem.

It was also refreshing to read about mythological creatures like sirens, especially the way they're conveyed in Vigil: Not romanticised at all, especially by Verity's blatant, sarcastic voice. Overall I was thoroughly captured by this! I loved the mythology, the writing was excellent and engaging, and the story twisted in ways I didn't expect. I'll definitely be picking up the sequel when it comes out, but for now it looks like I'll have to wait!!

Vigil is out this month! If you enjoy crime, urban fantasy, or the supernatural, I am positive you will love this. View all 3 comments. The Verity Fassbinder series! Verity Fassbinder is the bomb! With her sarcastic wit, her deadpan humour and her sharp as a tack intuition, not to mention her resilience in the face of injury, near death and disgusting encounters, well, she really is a heroine worthy of some serious book stalking.

The interactions between her and the other characters she deals with in the Weyrd world were all so on point and effortlessly entertaining. I liked the little bit of romance that wove its way in for Verity, nothing too steamy, just meaningful and nice. My attention never wavered, this is one novel that held me captive from beginning to end and I am so keen to get cracking on the second instalment. The setting of Brisbane really grounded this novel for me, with the familiar landmarks and local lingo.

I just felt like I was able to connect so much more to the characters and the story than what I ever have before in an urban fantasy novel. If Vigil is anything to go by, this is a series I am going to willingly lose myself in. Fingers crossed Angela has plans to keep it going beyond book three. Thanks is extended to Hachette Australia for providing me with a copy of Vigil for review. View all 4 comments.

Dec 16, Lindsay rated it really liked it Shelves: An urban fantasy novel set in my hometown of Brisbane and written by one of my favourite writers who's also a local. Verity Fassbinder is a half-blood in a city with a large Weyrd population. She's also what passes for the law in the Weyrd community, working indirectly for the local Council of Five and responsible for keeping the Weyrd out of the public eye of the Normal population.

All of which gets very difficult with a spate of missing children and the body of a dead winged woman found outside An urban fantasy novel set in my hometown of Brisbane and written by one of my favourite writers who's also a local. All of which gets very difficult with a spate of missing children and the body of a dead winged woman found outside one of the city's most prestigious addresses. I'm a huge fan of Slatter's other work, most notably her Sourdough stories, so my expectations were quite high coming into this. A little bit too high unfortunately.

This is a competent urban fantasy book that features my home city as an almost tangible character, but it never really rises above the ordinary for the genre, and my familiarity with the setting blunts an element that's likely to be a little fantastic in itself. It's still pretty good, with a compelling main character and I'll most likely continue with the series.

This isn't a genre that I usually read, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story is well-crafted and tightly written, with a good dose of humour. Exposition of the other-worldly aspects is integrated well into the story. The central character of Verity is believable and likeable, and other characters are also well-drawn. I'll certainly be seeking out the next book in this series.

Jul 26, Mara rated it liked it Recommended to Mara by: I owe it to her for a new and exciting UF. Please read her review: I agree to the word to what she says. A good story, a better heroine, uneven pacing. To me there were some plot points that weren't that clear, mostly the reason why she keeps working for them a degree in art isn't a good excuse Plus some side characters were a bit too shallow, namely her boss and past lover.

I'm keen to read the next. Jul 08, Linda rated it really liked it. It's set in Brisbane, a welcome departure from the usual US-based stories. Verity, the protagonist, is a mixed blood, half Normal and half Weyrd. The fact that her We 3. The fact that her Weyrd father was a child-eating monster makes her a bit of a pariah in both worlds.

Well, it's more the fact that her father got caught and that she's half-Normal that damns her on the Weyrd side. She's brave and pretty kick-ass but has no real powers other than an unusual strength inherited from her father. So when her ex-lover and now boss sends her to investigate a series of disappearances and the murder of a siren, Verity has to use her smarts and some standard investigating techniques rather than any woo woo powers view spoiler [until she is given a powerful knife by the Boatman hide spoiler ].

Verity is quite likeable and smart. Add to that the fact that the book is well-written I do enjoy an author who correctly uses words like puissance and I'm well on my way to giving it four stars. The pacing was uneven at times but not enough to detract much from my enjoyment. I look forward to reading the next book, coming out later this month. View all 5 comments. Jul 20, Christine Bongers rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cracker of a read with kick-ass half-breed heroine Verity Fassbinder protecting the humans of Brisbane from the unseen Weyrd that dwell amongst us.

Not sure if it's destined for cult or classic status, but it's smart, sassy and wickedly funny and I can't wait for the next in the triology. Jul 18, Alan Baxter rated it really liked it Shelves: A superb urban fantasy with wonderful characters and a unique Australian voice. The setting of Brisbane is great and a really refreshing change. The first of a potential trilogy, I'm really looking forward to more. Jun 02, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book had the potential to end up as just another cookie-cutter urban fantasy, with a kickass heroine of mixed human and magical descent in the noir PI role, getting beaten up by monsters and eventually making the city safe for the innocent again.

Fortunately, the author is skilled enough to lift this classic formula to a new level, not just executing it flawlessly but adding a layer of depth that the thousands of UF clones out there seldom achieve. Primarily, I think, she achieves this by m This book had the potential to end up as just another cookie-cutter urban fantasy, with a kickass heroine of mixed human and magical descent in the noir PI role, getting beaten up by monsters and eventually making the city safe for the innocent again. Primarily, I think, she achieves this by making the characters' relationships rich, varied, powerful, and fundamental to the plot.

The protagonist's mother was missing from her life, and her father got arrested for the literal monster he was when she was still very young; she was raised by her grandparents. So far, nothing we haven't seen before. But then we get the solo mother next door and her daughter, who's a kind of niece to the protagonist, and whose actual aunt is toxic and crazy, and then we meet people who have dysfunctional families, who have happy families, who are alienated from their families, who have no families but have people they love who aren't genetic relatives Family, in all its many forms and manifestations, ties the whole story together and drives the plot, along with a theme of caring for and protecting the young, and what happens when you don't.

I did feel that the protagonist's own romantic relationship was underdeveloped, as was her love interest; he ended up, for me, being a genderflipped damsel in distress though the protagonist, to the author's credit, is not just an example of the Man With Boobs trope; far from it. I noticed in the afterword that he shares a name with the author's husband, so perhaps she has fallen into the trap of introducing someone she knows into her book and, therefore, not making them sufficiently real to the reader, who doesn't know them and can't fill in all the details for themselves.

That's a minor flaw, though, more than made up for by the book's many virtues. For example, it has a strong sense of place, as urban fantasy should. It's set in Brisbane, where I lived for most of a year albeit more than 25 years ago , so I have some sense of the city; the centrality of the river, the history of flooding, the different suburbs and their character all come through strongly. Not only that, but the tough, no-nonsense protagonist feels somehow Australian to me. I've met a number of Australian women like her, and she comes across as fully authentic and real.

All of this is conveyed through excellent prose, too. I received an advance copy via Netgalley for review, which often means wading through multiple typos and a swamp of homonym errors that haven't yet been through final copy edit, but I spotted very few issues indeed.

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And the author is capable of a sentence like this: I had to look up "horrent" which means "like hair standing on end" , so this is an example of an author using a word I don't know rare , using an obscure word correctly also rare, sadly and doing so with a touch of clever wordplay. Overall, this is a fine start to a new urban fantasy series, which I'll be following with great interest. Part 1 of 3. A History Comic Books in America When the Black Baron will reappear in the Marvel Universe in we will be told that he can appear as vampire, werewolf, or human. In the vampire only some vague features of this Black Baron are conserved, in addition to the name.

Cover by John Buscema. Cover by John Byrne [rpt. War and Rememberance War and Remembrance Fight on Skull Mountain! Blackwing is a recurrent villain in the Marvel universe. Only the issues where he is accompanied by his vampire bats are included in the list. Captain America [ Captain America 18 Flashback 10 ; The Complete Jack Kirby: Volume 2 ; The Shazam! Polybagged with trading card.

The Cartoon Aid Book. Cartoon Network Presents no. Blade the Vampire Slayer [ Vampire Tales 8 Based on a story by Robert Bloch [ Vampire Tales 5 The latter took action and the series was promptly discontinued. This story was cited in the New York Joint Legislature Committee and was one of the stories that led to the original promulgation of the Comics Code. Songs from the Spook Box!

Howard, "The Horror from the Mound. Three variant covers together form a single picture. The Checkered Demon [rpt. Archie [Veronica] parody [rpt. Cover by John Bolton. The Road to Hell! Shadow in Greenwich Village! Death to a Vampire-Slayer! To Kill a Vampire! Fear Is the Name of the Game! Return from the Grave! Death Rides the Rails! The later issues reprinted the early issues of The Tomb of Dracula.

Chilling Adventures in Sorcery as Told by Sabrina. Continued as Red Circle Sorcery. Based on The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge which, although perhaps not technically a vampire poem, is regarded by many as inaugurating the classic British tradition of vampire poetry. Weird Mysteries 4 Leroy [ Out of the Night 1 Unnamed, blood-drinking head [ Forbidden Worlds 9 Chilling Tales of Horror. Based on the novel by J. Includes issues of Graphique Musique Slave Labor, Classics from the Comics. Prestige foil edition [included in Coldblooded: The Checkered Demon [ Cocaine Comix 3 Untitled story by J.

Harker and Sean Shaw. Untitled Story by J. Captain Camel and the Aardvark Avenger. Comics Revue Presents… Modesty Blaise. Golden, Western Publishing Company, Preview of Nocturne 1 Preview of Vamp Tramp 0 A History Comic Books in America. Includes issues of A1 Atomeka, Reprints issues of Mad. Reprints issues of Foo! The Complete Jack Kirby: Edited by Greg Theakson. Untitled story by Wallace Wood. Conan, Red Sonja [ Conan the Barbarian 43 and 44 Conan, Red Sonja [rpt. The Count Duckula magazine was published weekly in , at a time when the TV cartoon series was extremely popular in the U.

It featured original comic stories by Ian Rimmer, Brian Williamson and others, specially produced for the U. The list of vampire stories is not complete. All stories mentioned here feature Count Duckula, unless otherwise noted. The list of issues is not complete. By Leopold von Sacher Masoch. Dynamic Forces Gold Fan Appreciation edition. Dynamic Forces Coven Chrome edition. Limited to 5, copies. Ian Churchill and Rob Liefeld. Cover by Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund. By Jeph Loeb and Ian Churchill. Cover by Ian Churchill. Cover says "Special Exclusive edition. Four issues per year were published.

Numbers however follows the cover titles. The list of vampire issues and stories is not complete. John Severin [ Cracked Magazine 33 Cracked Summer Special 3 Parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Bland satire of Blade. Lily, Grandpa [ Cracked Magazine 52 Skene Catling [ Cracked Magazine 36 Parody of Lon Chaney. Murphy cameo [ 6. Beavis and Butt-Head satire. Satire of Vampire in Brooklyn. Buffy parody [ Buffy satire cover by Jeff Wong. Last issue of Cracked Monster Party.

Cracker was published weekly between January 18, and September 11, The Kung Fu Kid. The Olympic Month of July. Where Are They Today? Untitled panel by Harry Glienke. Fedory and Jamie Brocal Remohi. Part 1 and 2. Montage of former covers. Creepy Warren 14 Finch [ Creepy Warren 38 Montage of Creepy covers.

Limited to 99 copies. Continuing series 23, 24 published in Loyalty and Loss , ; Crimson: Earth Angel , ; Crimson: Limited to 30, copies. Humberto Ramos Sandra Hope. Limited to copies signed and remarked by Jae Lee. Includes issues of Crimson. Collects issues of Crimson Image Comics. Jonathan van Helsing, Sebastian Seward. Each weekly issue of The Dandy includes a variety of comic strips, the selection of which, like the title, varied over the several decades of its appearance.

For several years, it was called The Dandy and Nutty. Enter at Your Peril!! Laughter is the Best Medicine. The Search for the Holy Gruel. Fall from Grace, part 5. Fall from Grace, part 6. Fall from Grace Includes issues of Daredevil. Part 1, Third Generation. Ben Fogletto and Tony Gagnon. The Right Hand of Doom DeMatteis and Mark Badger.

His Book of Forbidden Knowledge 0 First appearance of Buffy [rpt. Klaus Blau, a Nazi doctor drains blood from victims transforming them into blood-lusting zombies in order to give it to wounded soldiers. Includes Dark Shadows poster. Nine issues were released before Innovation ceased publishing in Jan.

I Love A Mystery TEMPLE OF VAMPIRES Pt 1/4 - Old Time Radio Mystery!

This series was based upon and continued the storyline of the short-lived television show. Dark Shadows Story Digest Magazine. Poetry by Kim Elizabeth with portfolio of art by Daerick Gross et al. Pages from the Book of Sins. The list of Australian editions is not complete.

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  5. Fight Against the Heartbeat (Sto*Nerd Press Anthologies Book 2).
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Rise of the Midnight Sons, part 4. Vicki Montesi, Professor Hastings. Siege of Darkness, part 4. Siege of Darkness, part During its life, it was included in three Midnight Sons crossover series that includes vampires Morbius and Hannibal King and vampire hunter Blade. Bram Stoker [ Ghosts 50 Includes issues of Deadbeats Flip cover by Mike Mignola and Gene Colan. Amanda Conner [as Vampirella Death and Destruction 3 With a one-page introduction by George Clayton Johnson. Originally released on as a limited edition color photo print. Series by Joseph Linsner. Challenge of the Man-Bat Sst… The Super-Sonic Threat!

Anarky in Gotham City, Part 2.

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  • This story was originally published as a nine-part story in Judge Dredd Megazine , vol. Includes issues of Dinosaurs for Hire Eternity, Hollywood and Vein Origins Saga, part 1. Dracula doll on cover. The Night of Brahma, part 1 of 5. Dracula , and in Doctor Strange versus Dracula: The Montesi Formula Includes 4 pages promoting Mark Jewelers products. Part 1 of 4. Part 3, The Book of the Vishanti. Part 1, The Vampiric Verses. Part 4, The Vampiric Verses. Part 5, The Vampiric Verses. Lofficier and Geof Isherwood. Siege of Darkness, part 7. Part 4, The Return of the Defenders.

    Strange Master of the Mystic Arts 14 Doll Man, Doll Girl. The Collected Dork Tower, Volume 1. Vlad the Impaler 1 Vlad the Impaler 2 Vlad the Impaler 3 Vlad the Impaler from Topps plus other black-and-white comics such as stories from Vampirella. The Lady in the Tomb Hooked on Phonic Classic Achievement series. Cover Dracula and female by Luis Dominguez [rpt. Twelve issues were published. First six issues were later reprinted as one volume by Warren Publishing Company in Illustrated text [ Dracula Lives! By Naunerle Farr and Nestor Redondo. Oxford University Press, reprinted in Includes issues of the Dracula magazine New English Library, Includes the 12 issues of the Dracula magazine A Symphony in Moonlight and Nightmares.

    Strange, Sorcerer Supereme 10 This comic magazine includes material from The Tomb of Dracula , other Marvel horror comics, and original stories and features. A Canadian edition was published by Cadence Comics Publications.

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    The Ghost on Haunted Hill! Text [ Dracula Lives! Dracula Lives featuring the Legion of Monsters. Marvel Comics International [U. The Vampire Is Coming! This series superseded Dracula Lives Marvel U. It was superseded by Planet of the Apes and Dracula Lives. Sherlock Holmes, Violet N. This adaptation recasts the text and artwork of the first comic book version of Dracula [ Eerie 12 ] in three dimensions.

    Polybagged, with Zorro 0. Reprinted by Image in as a tpb. Each issue contained four trading cards. Collects the two issues of Topps mini-series. See Practice in Pain 1. Count Duckula is featured in all stories below unless otherwise indicated. Includes stories originally in AD Dynamite was a monthly juvenile publication by Scholastic Publishing. In the s most of the appearances were created by Suzanne Long. In each issue, the vampire, Count Morbida, presented different puzzles for the reader to solve.

    The magazine was discontinued in , although the Count Morbida column was stopped with no. The only exception seems to be the issue for Oct. Count Morbida does not appear but is mentioned as due to return in the following issue. Dracula on front cover. Part 1 of 5. Cover by Frank Frazetta. Adapted by Tom Sutton. Part 1, The Rook. Part 2, The Rook. Mistress of the Dark. Or, The Children of the Night. Mistress of the Dark: Satire of Dark Shadows. Mistress of the Dark 10 Mistress of the Dark 13 Part 3, The Gehenna Stone Affair.

    Part 1, The Gehenna Stone Affair. Part 6, The Gehenna Stone Affair. Part 4, The Gehenna Stone Affair. Part 5, The Gehenna Stone Affair. Fixit Comes to Town. Part 2, The Gehenna Stone Affair.