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Your fundraiser can enable people to not throw their phone way. This is a hassle-free offline addition to your online campaign that can bring in funds, help your neighbours, and help the environment. Cell phones are not the only electronic waste you can recycle. More than million cartridges are thrown away each year, so you can also fundraise by getting people to donate their old cartridges.

Funding Your Mission Trip and Other Ways to Bring Your Friends Along

For this missionary fundraising idea, all you need to do is do some research on the country you will be doing your mission trip and create a book of recipes featuring dishes from that cuisine. This will give your community a taste of your destination, will get you excited about your missionary trip, and will get you and others more familiar with another culture. You can print the cookbooks yourself or find a sponsor that does it all for you, but keep in mind most have a high order minimum. Organize a fun day cooking and shooting photos for all the recipes. The style of the book should be carefully and timely chosen.

Recipes can be featured alphabetically or split into chapters based around particular ingredients, regions, or types of dishes.

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Recipes should be re-written to fit that common design and layout. Do include a clear index and page guide for the cookbook.

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Decide on whether you will use imperial or metric or both measurements and stick to it. Finally, have friends, family and community members purchase your cookbook as a donation to your cause. You can receive payments via a platform like Paypal. Working additional hours or jobs seems like an obvious enough way to make more money in order to fund your mission trip.

Consider setting up a babysitting or pet-care business to help you raise the money. If you advertise your cause smartly, potential supporters will be impressed and will be more likely to hire you. For this fundraising idea, consider your timeline and your resources. If you have a car, maybe you can do chores or deliveries. If you possess an academic skill, you could set up a tutoring business. Brainstorm all of your skills and resources and work your way from there. What will bring most money? Make sure you are responsible and work hard for the money you earn.

Your work will help people see that investing in you as an individual is a good investment in the mission trip you are raising money for. While garage and yard sales still happen, they can sometimes be stressful to organize and advertise. It will take you about 20 minutes to set up the required eBay and PayPal accounts and list your first item on eBay.

It should be pretty easy to do this since many of us have unnecessary items laying around. Try to find higher value items in order to maximize your time and fund your trip sooner. This missionary fundraising idea is quick, pretty simple, and encourages us to make sacrifices in order to contribute to our own trip. Take photos of the item from all angles , set a reasonable price, and post the items for sale. When setting the price, make sure to account for the shipping cost, eBay fee, and PayPal fee.

To make the process even smoother, dowload the eBay app. Raising support, though, may do more to build our faith, strengthen our bonds with those who give, and offer donors who cannot go a chance to be part of the team and what God will do through it. It may teach us dependence on God as the ultimate provider, confirm our sense that he is leading the mission, and give us valuable practice in confronting the fears and sense of independence that could keep us from pursing this kind of ministry long-term.

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In my case, I found raising support for my trip to Central Asia was extremely valuable in laying the foundation of a support team for long-term ministry. Later, when it came to raising monthly support, I had a mailing list ready to go. But giving from my own resources had benefits too.

It likewise grew my faith, taught me to live simply, and made me trust God to provide a job on my return. I, too, was learning the joy of giving sacrificially.

9 Ways To Raise Money For Short-Term Mission Trips | The Pettengills

Many short-term mission teams, especially youth groups, develop fundraising strategies that combine asking and earning: And some mission team members do what I did, covering some expenses on their own and raising support to meet the rest of the need. Both the earning and the asking can solidify our commitment to making the most of a mission trip.

Each can motivate us to be both frugal and faithful as we go. Raising support and paying your own way are both biblical, and both are reflected in the New Testament, even in the life of the Apostle Paul. In some situations Paul worked with his hands to support his ministry and avoid putting up obstacles to his message.

How to Successfully Raise Money for Mission Trips

But on other occasions he seems to have laid his tools aside in favor of full-time preaching and teaching, supported by others. He also commended and encouraged giving to support those going out to preach the gospel, as well as generous hospitality in receiving missionaries when they passed through. Like any other kind of ministry, mission trips seem to work best when we approach them with a healthy sense of dependence on God and others. Some ministries that send out short-term missionaries challenge or require each person to build a team of prayer supporters who will lift them up regularly before, during, and after the trip.

Merely making a broad appeal for prayer is of some value, but consider asking for more specific and concrete involvement. Could you sign up partners who commit in writing to pray for you every day? What happens after the money is raised? Our approach to funding short-term missions and summer projects should model a more biblical, relational, and respectful partnership building. The Apostle Paul tells us in Philippians 4 that giving to ministry is not about raising the needed finances. For the previous few years before graduation, these new staff built and developed an ongoing relationship and trust with the people who gave towards their short-term missions and summer projects.