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Irish Songs More information about Irish songs. Irish singers More information and videos for the top Irish performers. Singing Cork barman has fans across the world - a video of the Irish music loving barman singing while he poured a pint went viral as people became enchanted by his easy going style and great voice.

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Check out his video. Thanks to his positivity and faith, he managed to not only survive horrific conditions but also save the lives of his colleagues.

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Chord Converter Our chord converter enables you to play any song in whatever key you like. An instrumental version of the song plays around the midpoint of the Twilight Zone episode " Passage On the Lady Anne ".

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January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Yale Glee Club, Archived from the original PDF on Archived copy as title link , accessed Feb. A Selection of Irish Melodies: Retrieved 7 August Well, we have a society That is on the skids, and would be much better to return to this Romantic period.

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We have lost so much of our humanity in this sophisticated culture. Few people experience real love.

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I heard this beautiful poem sung when I was a boy of 10 and I never forgot it! Now, at 81, I still love it and will perform it for my dear wife of 78 on her birthday, just hoping to do it justice! Please spare me the romanticizing of the Irish people; I'm sure that Ireland has its fair share of cheats, spivs, bullies and thieves as most other countries. This superb song, perhaps my current favourite, doesn't need to be dressed up with extraneous sentimentality to find itself a place in people's hearts - and their repertoires.

Thomas Moore

UgugbugbThey hbbhuhubgybg hi Already Reported Reply. The kind of love we yearn for- -it is not a love dependent upon youth and its soft, unsagging skin.

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It is a love of the soul that is portrayed here and gives us women hope that even modern man might be intelligent enough and capable enough of such love. Of course, it goes for women too but I think most women are already capable of seeing beneath the outside appearances. I especially enjoyed the last lines: One of the best poems ever. It is morning, I have just turned on my computer to begin my day, and this is how I begin it - by reading this tender poem.

What a beautiful start to the morning! Beauty and youth and No the heart that has truly loved never forgets With the muse of life.