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Cecil Sharp collected versions of it from mountain women in North Carolina and Virginia with melodies that are unmistakably European in origin. This version sung by the Patons is one that has become widely known since it was recorded for the Library of Congress archive from a Negress, Annie Brewer, of Montgomery, Alabama, in The song easily leads to endless improvisation, and any mother worth her milk can keep going with rhymes on and on as long as the baby can stand it.

CDs Tradition Bearers Discogr. A bit of non-musical advertisement for very talented students of my department.

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The liner notes commented: Can you watch Tae for me? Could he swing by? Releasing his hair, Jungkook glanced up at Taehyung who was currently giggling to himself as he made a whipped cream beard on his face. In this moment, Jungkook could cry. His son was always so bright, so hopeful and smart.

Hush Little Baby

He was kind and caring. He was passionate and cheerful. Jungkook inhaled sharply at the beautiful boy who was standing there, in taking hot coffee quickly down his throat and he began to sputter. A mix of pain and embarrassment, mostly choking. After a few moments, Jungkook was beet red but able to breathe and he wiped his lips on a napkin Taehyung was so gingerly holding out for him.

I made it myself! There were small hearts that decorated the name tag and Jungkook smiled lightly at that. Each a different color and size.

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Jimin nervously bit his lip and Jungkook had to resist the urge to wet his own. This is my son, Taehyung. My daddy and uncles do.

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I hope we can become fast friends! It seems the choice was already made for him. Resisting the urge to heavily sigh and pinch his nose, Jungkook opted for clapping his hands together and nodding.

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But Jimin seemed harmless. He was a barista with brilliant blonde hair and hearts all over his name tag. Mothers had a lot to fear when it came to their children. Cloaking their feelings in tranquil melodies probably helped them to soothe their babies while allaying their own fears. But now I think that there is another layer to this darkness.

Hush Little Baby by Joanna Barnard

It is the layer I recognized while trying and failing to get my toddler to sleep: The unraveling of the self and sanity that occurs when a child fights sleep. The draining of that cup of patience and clarity. The shattering of our focus and functionality. Beyond mirroring my own inner maternal darkness, I like to think these lullabies reflect other important stories too.

Many of the mothers and caregivers who first sang these songs had no other way to transmit their stories.

Hush Little Baby Lyrics

Relatively few knew how to read or write, and even fewer had ready access to journals and writing materials. But for these lullabies, we might have no way of knowing exactly how they felt about, or struggled with, parenting. That their songs have carried their thoughts across the centuries, and that if we listen closely enough, we can hear them.

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