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He read about our Trans-Amazon Expedition in a Wenonah catalog in and ended up paddling with us for the last two months of expedition. We became good friends and have been meaning to do another trip together ever since. Sounds like things got off to an auspicious start with riots and such.

The Amazonian Expedition That Nearly Killed Theodore Roosevelt

How did that change your logistics? The Cinta Larga remained uncontacted until the late s and control swath of virgin rainforest slightly larger than the state of Minnesota. In fact, the Cinta Larga's oral history suggests that they followed Roosevelt's party for several hundred miles down the river, but in the end decided not to kill the strange intruders because their leaders could not come to a consensus on whether to attack.

The Cinta Larga have had almost constant conflict with the outside world ever since they were first contacted 45 years ago. South America's largest diamond deposit was discovered in the middle of their territory, which has brought several decades of conflict and violence.

Theodore Roosevelt - The River of Doubt, Part 2

Tony and I worked for months contacting the Cinta Larga and working to gain permission to access the first half of the Rio Roosevelt. In the end, the timing was not right and tensions were too high so we had to come up with a Plan B. We ended up driving over the roughest roads I have ever seen for eight hours to access the Rio Branco, which we paddled to the Rio Roosevelt. The Rio Branco turned out to be a very nice river with many small rapids, but only a couple of large drops that required portages.

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In a way we got lucky because we had no idea what we would encounter on the Rio Branco--much like Roosevelt when he dipped his paddle into the Rio Roosevelt. After paddling the lower half of the Rio Roosevelt, Paul Schurke and I secured permission to paddle the upper river. A four-day shuttle took us from the mouth of the Rio Roosevelt to the headwaters, and where our Brazilian teammates dropped us off where Roosevelt started his journey so that we could paddle the rapid-studded upper river through the heart of the Cinta Larga's domain.

The team used GoalZero solar panels and battery packs to power all of their cameras and communication equipment during their five weeks on the river. What was the river like?

Roosevelt River

The river had many faces, there were many wild sections along the length of the river with large cattle ranches scattered through out. The river changed dramatically from a foot-wide, clear flowing stream where Paul and I launched our canoe near the headwaters, to a massive river which reminded me of the Mississippi. Most of the rapids are near the headwaters, but there were some very powerful rapids near the mouth, including a mile section of large rapids near the end that act as a barricade and inhibit the development of the upper river.

We were treated to beautiful sand beach campsites most nights and the forest was filled with macaws, tapirs, monkeys, and host of other interesting wildlife. By Kate Moira Ryan.

Ship From Doomed Arctic Expedition Found After 170 Years

Share to Google Classroom. Timothy Elliott is an ordinary boy at the beginning of an extraordinary life. Living in Brooklyn with his mother, he is just a kid who takes for granted the fact that his doorbell is the actual roar of a lion and that the animals of the great plains come alive at night inside his home at the Expeditioner's Club. To him, it is all so ordinary; and boring. He is terrified first and delighted later when he learns that as the child of two expeditioners, he has been born with the ability to time travel, and what the plan for his life really is.

Through his thrilling adventures, Timothy will discover the world as only an expeditioner can. Paperback , pages.

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