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Many of the lines have entered the French language as standard phrases, often proverbial. The fables are also distinguished by their occasionally ironical ambivalence. The second division of his work, the tales Contes et nouvelles en vers , were at one time almost equally as popular and their writing extended over a longer period.

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The first were published in and the last appeared posthumously. They were particularly marked by their archly licentious tone.

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While the Fables have an international reputation, celebration of their author has largely been confined to France. Even in his own lifetime, such was his renown, he was painted by three leading portraitists. Two contemporary sculptors made head and shoulders busts of La Fontaine.

In Paris there is a full length marble statue by Pierre Julien , now in the Louvre , that was commissioned in and exhibited at the Salon. The writer is represented in an ample cloak, sitting in contemplation on a gnarled tree on which a vine with grapes is climbing. On his knee is the manuscript of the fable of the fox and the grapes , while at his feet a fox is seated on his hat with its paw on a leather-bound volume, looking up at him. In the following century small models were made of the bronze statue by Etienne Marin Melingue , exhibited in Paris in and in London in In this the poet is leaning thoughtfully against a rock, hat in hand.

Another commemorative monument to La Fontaine was set up at the head of the Parisian Jardin du Ranelagh in It was officially set in place in a square overlooking the Marne in During the Second Battle of the Marne it was damaged and was then moved about the town. Repaired now, its present position is in the square fronting the poet's former house. At his feet the race between the Tortoise and the Hare is taking place.

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Further evidence of La Fontaine's enduring popularity is his appearance on a playing card from the second year of the French Revolution. He was no less popular at the Bourbon Restoration , as is evidenced by the royal commission of his statue. In equally, the asteroid Lafontaine was named in his honour. Other appearances on postage stamps include the 55 centimes issue of , with a medallion of the fable of The Wolf and the Lamb below him; [29] and the Monaco cent stamp commemorating the th anniversary of La Fontaine's birth in , in which the head and shoulders of the fabulist appear below some the more famous characters about which he wrote.

Issued since , these bullion coins have had his portrait on the reverse and on the face each year's particular zodiac animal.

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Fictional depictions have followed the fashionable view of La Fontaine at their period. As a minor character in Alexandre Dumas 's novel The Vicomte of Bragelonne , he appears as a bumbling and scatterbrained courtier of Nicolas Fouquet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see La Fontaine disambiguation. Portrait by Hyacinthe Rigaud private collection. Kingdom of France portal Biography portal. La Fontaine and his friends: Retrieved 21 February Sculptor of the Enlightenment , University of Chicago, , p.

Jean de La Fontaine. The Tall Tales of Vishnu Sharma.

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Ryder Silvestre de Sacy C. Tawney Charles Wilkins Ramsay Wood. Beast fable Frame story Katha. Retrieved from " https: Please select at least one Sequence to view the content. Please select at least one Strand to view the content. Understand how French works. Context statement The place of the French language and culture in Australia and in the world French is a major world language, spoken as the first language in more than two dozen countries on five continents and as an official language in 33 countries.

Languages - French are available as PDF documents. Sequence of content Languages - French: Foundation to Year 2 Foundation to Year 2 Band Description The nature of the learners Children enter the early years of schooling with established communication skills in one or more languages and varying degrees of early literacy capability.

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French language learning and use French is learnt in parallel with English language and literacy. Contexts of interaction Learners interact with each other and the teacher, with some access to wider school and community members.

Texts and resources Learners engage with a variety of spoken, visual and written texts. Features of French language use Students become familiar with the sound systems of the French language, including pronunciation, rhythm, pitch and stress. Level of support Rich language input characterises the first stages of learning.

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The role of English Learners are encouraged to use French whenever possible, with the teacher providing rich and supported language input. Foundation to Year 2 Content Descriptions Communicating. Interact with each other and the teacher using simple language and gestures for exchanges such as greetings and farewells, thanks and introductions, and for talking about self and family [Key concepts: Participate in guided group activities using simple repetitive language in songs, rhymes, games and transactions [Key concepts: Recognise and respond to classroom interactions such as opening and closing of lessons, transition activities, and giving and following instructions [Key concepts: Identify key points of information in simple texts [Key concepts: Convey factual information about self, family, friends and possessions, using simple statements, gestures and support materials [Key concepts: Engage with a range of imaginative texts through action, dance, drawing and other forms of expression [Key concepts: Participate in shared performance and presentation of stories, songs or nursery rhymes, playing with sound patterns, rhyming words and non-verbal forms of expression [Key concepts: Translate simple French words, phrases and gestures for family and friends, noticing how they may have similar or different meanings in English or other known languages [Key concepts: Create simple print or digital texts that use both French and English, such as labels, word banks, wall charts or ID cards [Key concepts: Notice how using French feels and sounds different to using own language s and involves behaviours as well as words [Key concepts: Describe themselves, the people they are close to and the ways they communicate, using simple statements and gestures [Key concepts: But for those who know how to read them, these structures of wood, stone and glass tell the great narrative of human belief.

Each of these very different edifices represents the pinnacle of what mankind has created on Earth. Humans, Nature and Gods. To find out more about cookie settings When you use our site, data is likely to be recorded or read from your terminal, depending on your settings. Do you authorize the installation and reading cookies to analyze your browsing activity and allow us to measure the audience of our site: Please login to your account to view this video Photo Trailer Asian Temples: Humans, Nature and Gods - english version - 52' Asian Temples: Humans, Nature and Gods - french version - 52' Asian Temples: Humans, Nature and Gods - english version - 90' Asian Temples: Humans, Nature and Gods - french version - 90' Mosques: